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The Gastric Balloon is the non-surgical weight loss alternative for people who want an intense period of weight loss and who understand that they must keep to a sensible eating programme after their balloon is removed.

The gastric balloon is a device used as alternative to surgery in some patients who wish to lose weight non-surgical method. Gastric balloon is placed in the stomach endoscopically and inflated with saline up to 500-800 ml. It fills your stomach by approximately 60-70% and restricts the amount of food ingested. You will feel less hungry, feel fuller quicker and it also changes your attitude towards food.

What are the benefits of the Gastric Balloon? It does not require surgery or general anaesthesia. The procedure is carried out as a day case and you may rarely have to stay overnight.

If you have tried various weight loss programmes and can’t shift that weight off, gastric balloon may be the right choice for you. You can lose up to 50% of your excess body weight with the help of gastric balloon. During the gastric balloon programme you will develop different relationship with the food and help you build healthy life style.

Do I qualify for gastric balloon procedure?

To qualify, your BMI must be over 27 and you should understand that your behaviour around food needs to change in order for you to reap the long term benefits.

Is gastric balloon a right procedure for me?

You may choose to have gastric balloon procedure if you fall in to any of the following categories.

You may wish to lose weight in a short term and get back in to a healthy routine.

You might have weight related problem affecting your quality of life and it requires you to lose weight in a short term.

You have had few reasons for weight gain but now those reasons have gone and you would like to lose weight and return to your previous healthy life style.

You are medically unfit to have any major definitive weight loss procedures.

You do not wish to undergo any major irreversible surgical procedures but wish to lose weight to improve quality of your life.

You may wish to lose weight to become more suitable for a definitive weight loss surgery or any other surgical procedures such as joint replacement, gynecological surgery, heart surgery etc.

How do I know which Gastric Balloon to choose?

You have a choice between the Orbera balloon and the Spatz balloon depending on your needs. The Orbera balloon stays in place for 6 months and the Spatz balloon stays in place for 12 months.

What happens during the procedure?

You will be given sedation to alleviate your anxiety followed by you will have an endoscopy to ensure you do not have any stomach ulcers or large hiatus hernia then a deflated balloon is inserted through your mouth, down your gullet and into your stomach.. Once the balloon is in your stomach it is filled with sterile saline. The amount of saline varies according to the size of your stomach. Your balloon will occupy around 70% of your stomach’s capacity. The removal of the balloon will take place either 6 months or 12 months following insertion depending on the type of balloon used. The removal is as simple as the insertion of balloon.

How long does it take?

It takes around 10 minutes to place your Gastric Balloon. You usually leave the hospital within few hours of your procedure.

What is the recovery process?

Most people find that their Gastric Balloon settles in few days. First few days you may experience nausea and abdominal cramps. We advise you to take regular anti-sickness tablets and pain killers.

What are the side effects?

Majority of patients notice few side effects in the beginning there after side effects are very rare. Side effects can include nausea, bloating and stomach cramps which can all be resolved with medication. Very rarely gastric balloon can cause stomach ulcers therefore our patients are advised to take acid suppressant medication for few weeks following the insertion. In order to minimize side effects it is essential to eat right food in small quantities at appropriate times. This is basically asking you to lead a very healthy life style.

Do I need any preparation before the balloon insertion?

Yes, you will be advised by your surgeon/dietician/specialist nurse at the time consultation.

What type of support do I get following balloon insertion?

At Nu-life surgery we aim to provide you with the best care possible. We will contact you by telephone with in few days to ensure your recovery. You will be given a point of contact details in case of an emergency. You will be followed up by the surgeon, dietician and nurse specialist on frequent basis leading up to day of balloon removal. At each visit you will be assessed against your progress and targets. We will also give you information on our patient support group and other modes of interaction such as Facebook and Twitter.

How can I achieve best results?

Any weight loss procedure is a tool provided to you. In order to achieve the best results it is essential that you adhere to following simple and basic principles.

• Changing your eating habits

• Increasing your physical activity

• Monitoring your health/food diary

We recommend following key elements following gastric balloon:

• Eat small and often

• Eat regularly

• Consume liquids and solids separately

• Take liquids at least 30 minutes before your meal

• Chew longer, make sure the food is like a paste before you swallow

• Serve food in small plates and bowls

• Take balanced meal

• Try out food carefully

Intragastric Balloon


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